Each member of the CCRN team knows that every child is special, with unique qualities and capabilities. We treat everyone with dignity and respect, and help them to realize their potential by using positive behavioral interventions and support.

Skills We Offer

It is CCRN’s privilege to work with you, your students, and their families to create meaningful goals and help students achieve them. We’ll take the time to understand each student, what challenges they face, and to help to make those challenges manageable in all aspects of their lives.

Our team includes professionals who can handle every situation:

  • Behavior Specialist Consultants (BSC): Master’s level licensed behaviorists develop the comprehensive behavior support plans. They help PCAs implement the plan and keep track of students’ progress on their goals.

  • Personal Care Assistants (PCA): Behavioral Health PCAs are instrumental in setting students up for success. They work one-on-one with students to implement behavior support plans, and as well as help students learn new behaviors to help make the most of their educational programs.

  • Bus Aides: They accompany students to and from school. They monitor behavioral issues and can assist students with physical disabilities. They also help keep a level of control and peace, as well as a safe environment on the bus.


“Treat a child as though the child is already the person they are capable of becoming.”

– Haim Ginott