November is a very busy month. For one, it’s the month of giving thanks. It’s also a time  when we head to the polls on Election Day to vote, because our forefathers fought for all Americans to have the right to do so. We also honor our Veteran soldiers who bravely and selflessly served our great country.  We turn our clocks back in recognition of Daylight Savings Time ending and, c’mon, who isn’t thankful for an extra hour of sleep? Alas, it’s also the month for IEP meetings, which is the natural time of the year to assess which students are still having a hard time adjusting to the school day, or are unable to focus on their school work, or perhaps can’t work independently. This is also when the support of a 1:1 Behavioral Health Personal Care Assistant (PCA) is deemed necessary, and services are added to student’s IEP plans.  But don’t stress! CCRN is around the corner and fully staffed to help alleviate some of the pressure.

In fact, our Director of Educational Support Services, Becky DeHart, has earned a reputation for successfully staffing some of the most challenging cases in the Chester County school system. The minute we receive a call, Becky wastes no time getting to know the individual needs of the student, and the background information in order to best match the student to one of our highly qualified PCA’s. It is our philosophy that investing the extra time in the beginning of a case, to ensure a successful team right from the start, reduces staff turnover. It also provides our schools with the piece of mind that they can always rely on us for consistent, quality, support services for their students. Our strategies have proven to create very happy partnerships between students, staff and school administrators. We are proud of the compliments we receive such as this one:

“It has been a pleasure working with CCRN. Becky is always quick to respond to any needs or to any issues that may arise.  It definitely makes my job much easier knowing I can rely on CCRN.” –Coatesville Area School District

As we approach the holiday of Thanksgiving we’d like to say – Thank You! Thank you for the opportunity to provide support to the children and teens with special needs in Chester County. We are grateful for the work we are able to do, and to make a difference in these students lives. We wish each and every one of our schools, and students, many blessings this school year.